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NPoco 2.0

Today I finally published NPoco 2.0. It has been 6 months in the making and 13 pre-release versions. Thankyou to all who have raised bugs and used it in anger. Most of the documentation has been published to the github … Continue reading

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NPoco and MiniProfiler

Now that you have NPoco installed, being able to see exactly what queries were run and how they performed can make a huge difference in the overall performance of your site. MiniProfiler is an awesome project by Sam Saffron that … Continue reading

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PetaPoco – Convention Based Fluent Mapping

After using the Fluent Mapping’s I blogged about a few months ago, I started to see patterns occurring. My table names were always the pluralized type and the primary key was the Type name concatenated with “Id”. With all this … Continue reading

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PetaPoco – Multiple Result Sets

The other day I got enough time to put the ability to fetch multiple result sets into PetaPoco. Its relatively simple to use and works like this. Given these two classes with corresponding tables: public class Table1 { public string … Continue reading

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PetaPoco – One To Many and Many To One

PetaPoco is a great way to map results from a database. Usually these are flat objects, however sometimes its useful to map many-to-one/one-to-many relationship directly into a viewmodel or complex object. This feature has been possible in PetaPoco since version … Continue reading

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PetaPoco.Glimpse – NuGet Package

A couple of weeks ago I showed how we can use the awesome Glimpse project with PetaPoco to show all the SQL’s processed in the current request. The problem was there was a few things that needed to make it … Continue reading

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Fluent PetaPoco – External Mappings

Update 20/Nov/2011: This has been now added to my master branch and is available here for download as of https://github.com/schotime/PetaPoco/downloads The other day I set out to build another way to configure the mappings for PetaPoco. Here is how … Continue reading

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