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Html Conventions in ASP.net MVC

Just today, Jimmy wrote a great post on using HTML conventions in ASP.net MVC using FubuMvc’s core HTML conventions. Go ahead a read it. I’ll wait here. The problem with this is that it heavily relies on StructureMap (FWIW I … Continue reading

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Dynamic Dot Less Css With Asp.net MVC 2

I have been having a look at the best way to theme a asp.net mvc website in the last few weeks. I heard about dot less css late last year but hadn’t had time to integrate it into a project … Continue reading

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FluentValidation Xval Integration

After a few months of using FluentValidation I asked its author Jeremy Skinner if it were possible to integrate this with xVal. At that time it was not possible because there were no easy way to access the properties needed … Continue reading

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Fluent Validation Model Binder – Asp.net MVC

A few weeks ago I found the Fluent Validation framework by Jeremy Skinner. I needed to conditionally validate a model depending on an application setting. eg. Description field mandatory / not mandatory depending on the clients business requirements. I loved … Continue reading

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