Poor sound performance on the Asus U80V

I just got hold of a new laptop. The Asus U80V. So far i have been pretty happy with it except for one thing. The sound was horrible. It was tinny, with poor range even for a laptop. I remember my laptop from 1998 having better audio than this was exhibiting.

Naturally I went looking for a fix, and thankfully found one. In the Realtek HD audio manager there is a setting under the SRS audio enhancement which enables this. It was turned on by default.

After switching this off, the sound was 1000% better. Hopefully this helps other u80v users out there.

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One Response to Poor sound performance on the Asus U80V

  1. John Doe says:

    Thanks for posting this. It saved my brand new laptop. I thought I just wasted $1100 on the Asus N61NV with its intolerable sound. Well, while it is still nothing compared to my last laptop (Qosmio with Harmon Kardon speakers) it is at least workable. It is in credible how Asus or anyone can be so off on the way they over market their sound quality and let SRS destroy what little quality there is left.

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